Alireza's ArchLinux User Repository PKGBUILDs, made with absolute rage!!!
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Alireza Savand 6b21b57fcf Add e17-themes 5 years ago
0verkill Add 0verkill pkg 5 years ago
adempiere added fucking adempire 7 years ago
alsaequal Add prepare 5 years ago
area042 Add area042 package 5 years ago
aurup Add aurup package 5 years ago
cnijfilter-mp250 Don't apply automake_fix.patch 5 years ago
cnijfilter-mp280 I don't know why we should "cd" into it again:| 6 years ago
e17-themes Add e17-themes 5 years ago
h2o-git Add h2o-git 5 years ago
hydroxygen-iconset Bump pkgrel 5 years ago
ksubtitleripper ksubtitleripper added 7 years ago
libflashsupport-pulse Add libflashsupport-pulse 5 years ago
libmaia-git other pkg that i didn't add them, added :| 7 years ago
mdic So qt4 replaces qt because qt5 arrived. 6 years ago
mdic-babylon-english-english Added mdic-babylon-english-english 7 years ago
mdic-babylon-english-french Added mdic-babylon-english-french 7 years ago
mdic-babylon-french-english fixed invalid dictionary entries 7 years ago
mdic-generic-english-persian added missed url 7 years ago
mdic-hfarsi-advanced-english-persian Added mdic-hfarsi-advanced-english-persian 7 years ago
mdic-longman Added mdic-longman 7 years ago
mdic-ourstat-persian-english Added mdic-ourstat-persian-english 7 years ago
murrine-themes-collection added murrine-themes-collection 7 years ago
openbox-egtk-theme added openbox-egtk-theme 7 years ago
openbox-fawn-theme added openbox-fawn-theme 7 years ago
openbox-newwave-theme added openbox-newwave-theme 7 years ago
openbox-simplewhite-theme added openbox-simplewhite-theme 7 years ago
openbox-slickbox-theme added openbox-slickbox-theme 7 years ago
python-fathom python-fathom added 7 years ago
python-fathom-tools other pkg that i didn't add them, added :| 7 years ago
python-gignore Add python-gignore 5 years ago
python2-keyczar Update python2-keyczar to version 0.71d 5 years ago
python32 Apply SpotlightKid's changes 5 years ago
qdjango-git Build and compile with qmake 5 years ago
qfathom qfathom added ;) 7 years ago
qtcreator-src Completed pkgbuild qtcreator-src 6 years ago
ruby-a4nt Add ruby-a4nt 5 years ago
ruby-arrayfields Add ruby-arrayfields 5 years ago
ruby-attr_required Add ruby-attr_required 5 years ago
ruby-audite Add 'mpg123' as dependency. 5 years ago
ruby-axiom-types ruby-axiom-types: add 5 years ago
ruby-cancancan ruby-cancancan: add 5 years ago
ruby-capybara-screenshot Add ruby-capybara-screenshot 5 years ago
ruby-centurion Fix pkgdesc 5 years ago
ruby-chewy Add ruby-chewy 5 years ago
ruby-chromedriver2-helper Add ruby-chromedriver2-helper 5 years ago
ruby-cliver Add ruby-cliver 5 years ago
ruby-coercible ruby-coercible: add 5 years ago
ruby-dependency_injector Add ruby-dependency_injector 5 years ago
ruby-devise-async Add ruby-devise-async 5 years ago
ruby-devise-encryptable Add ruby-devise-encryptable 5 years ago
ruby-devise-i18n Add ruby-devise-i18n 5 years ago
ruby-devise_invitable Add ruby-devise_invitable 5 years ago
ruby-devise_ldap_authenticatable Add ruby-devise_ldap_authenticatable 5 years ago
ruby-devise_oauth2_providable Add ruby-devise_oauth2_providable 5 years ago
ruby-devise_security_extension Add ruby-devise_security_extension 5 years ago
ruby-diaspora Add ruby-diaspora 5 years ago
ruby-diaspora-cluster-creator Add ruby-diaspora-cluster-creator 5 years ago
ruby-diaspora-vines Add ruby-diaspora-vines 5 years ago
ruby-dm-active_model Add ruby-dm-active_model 5 years ago
ruby-dm-devise Add ruby-dm-devise 5 years ago
ruby-dm-rails Add ruby-dm-rails 5 years ago
ruby-dm-serializer Add ruby-dm-serializer 5 years ago
ruby-dm-timestamps Add ruby-dm-timestamps 5 years ago
ruby-elasticsearch Add ruby-elasticsearch 5 years ago
ruby-elasticsearch-api Add ruby-elasticsearch-api 5 years ago
ruby-elasticsearch-transport Add ruby-elasticsearch-transport 5 years ago
ruby-em-hiredis Add ruby-em-hiredis 5 years ago
ruby-git_store Add license 5 years ago
ruby-grape ruby-grape: add 5 years ago
ruby-griddler ruby-griddler: add 5 years ago
ruby-guard-rubocop Add ruby-guard-rubocop 5 years ago
ruby-ice_nine ruby-ice_nine: add 5 years ago
ruby-kontrol Add license 5 years ago
ruby-lotus-controller ruby-lotus-controller: add 5 years ago
ruby-lotus-router ruby-lotus-router: add 5 years ago
ruby-lotus-utils ruby-lotus-utils: add 5 years ago
ruby-lotus-view ruby-lotus-view: add 5 years ago
ruby-lotusrb ruby-lotusrb: add 5 years ago
ruby-main Add ruby-main 5 years ago
ruby-map Add ruby-map 5 years ago
ruby-metamagic ruby-metamagic: add 5 years ago
ruby-opal Add ruby-opal 5 years ago
ruby-opal-jquery Add ruby-opal-jquery 5 years ago
ruby-opal-rspec Add ruby-opal-rspec 5 years ago
ruby-parser-2.2.0.pre.2 ruby-parser-2.2.0.pre.2: add 5 years ago
ruby-poltergeist Add ruby-poltergeist 5 years ago
ruby-pundit ruby-pundit: add 5 years ago
ruby-rack-accept ruby-rack-accept: add 5 years ago
ruby-rack-oauth2 Add ruby-rack-oauth2 5 years ago
ruby-rubocop Update rubocop to version 0.28.0 5 years ago
ruby-rubocop-checkstyle_formatter Add ruby-rubocop-checkstyle_formatter 5 years ago
ruby-rubocop-rspec Add ruby-rubocop-rspec 5 years ago
ruby-ruby-graphviz Add ruby-ruby-graphviz 5 years ago
ruby-shinmun Add license 5 years ago
ruby-soundcloud2000 Add ruby-curses to depends 5 years ago
ruby-source_map Add ruby-source_map 5 years ago
ruby-sprockets-sass Add ruby-sprockets-sass 5 years ago
ruby-thor ruby-thor: add 5 years ago
ruby-tty Add ruby-tty 5 years ago
ruby-vagrant ruby-vagrant: add 5 years ago
ruby-virtus Update ruby-virtus to latest version 5 years ago
ruby-volt Add ruby-volt 5 years ago
ruby-yui-compressor Add ruby-yui-compressor 5 years ago
ubucompilator edited and fixed some deps 7 years ago
vim-pydiction Minimize the package method 5 years ago
vim-pyflakes Remove unused files ;) 5 years ago
yodownet Update the yodownet pkg 5 years ago
yodownet-git Update yodownet-git pkg version 5 years ago
youtube-dl-playlist Remove building/packaging messages 5 years ago
zuki-blues-theme added openbox-slickbox-theme 7 years ago
.gitignore Add tgz to be ignored 5 years ago Fix some typo and refortatting the README 5 years ago


All the pkgs contributed to the AUR.


If you find any issue or bug or whatever that would break the package, of course the best place to report is tha packages’s comment section itself at AUR.