A plugin for django-cms that provides just a markdown plugin and nothing more.
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.. contents:: Table of contents

Simple Markdown plugin is just a simple markdown plugin for django-cms.
It's brutally simple. Just a text area and you'll enter some markdown text and save it.
And the reason why I make this is that, I really couldn't find any simple as stupid plugin
for django-cms, all I've found was fancy with a lot of java script stuff.


- django-cms
- django-markdown



**cmsplugin-simple-markdown** is available on PyPi:


$ pip install cmsplugin-simple-markdown


You can get latest stable changes from GitHub server:

$ git clone https://github.com/Alir3z4/cmsplugin-simple-markdown.git
$ cd cmsplugin-simple-markdown
$ python setup.py install

Zip, Tarball

You can grab the latest tarball.


Get the latest tarball & install

$ wget https://github.com/Alir3z4/cmsplugin-simple-markdown/archive/master.tar.gz
$ tar xvzf cmsplugin-simple-markdown-master.tar.gz && cd cmsplugin-simple-markdown-master
$ python setup.py install


Download latest ZIP archive.


Extract the archive, and run the following command in root directory of cmsplugin-simple-markdown

$ python setup.py install


Most people say that installation of ``cmsplugin-simple-markdown`` is easy, it seems they're out of space.
It's fucking hard to install.

Configuration & Usage

1. Make sure ``django-markdown`` is configured as described in their `Setup
<https://github.com/klen/django_markdown#id5>`_ section.
2. Add ``cmsplugin_simple_markdown`` to ``INSTALLED_APPS``.
3. If you are using Django 1.7 or higher add ``'cmsplugin_simple_markdown': 'cmsplugin_simple_markdown.migrations_django',`` to ``MIGRATION_MODULES`` in settings.
4. Create the database tables::

$ python manage.py migrate

This is not easy, It's hard, confusing. I doubt, double doubt that those people that keep saying installing this
is easy are on something.

Drama story
Since every application won't begins with love, this plugin has been developed to solve a problem.
2 days back, I've been using **cms.plugin.text** for handling html pages and related content,
but when I've tried to use AWS S3/CloudFront for my static files, I got stuck with ``CORS`` problem.
So I've develop ``cmsplugin-simple-markdown`` to be used without any dependencies on JavaScript or CSS files.

Now these days, people all around the world are using it, They are happy with it, They go crazy with ``cmsplugin-simple-markdown``,
even they name their child ``cmsplugin-simple-markdown``, at least I did. ;)