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  Alireza Savand 7e9b742047
Add Releasing section to readme. 4 months ago
  Alireza Savand b9acad4d23
Merge pull request #34 from nikolas/patch-2 4 months ago
  Alireza Savand 4469495cd4
Merge pull request #38 from cometsong/field_list 1 year ago
  cometsong fa6162dbba mod 'field_list' to be a list() so that .sort method is available 1 year ago
  Nik Nyby 6ba7039a1c Update changelog 1 year ago
  Nik Nyby 898bb6f696 add admin context processor 1 year ago
  Alireza Savand 7adfc54883
Merge pull request #32 from zorun/fix_related_objects 1 year ago
  Nik Nyby 6562da2a13
Test on django 1.11 2 years ago
  Baptiste Jonglez 38eeb68b1e objects: clarify label of related objects in detail view 2 years ago
  Baptiste Jonglez 2ae4207c70 objects: Fix related model that was pointing at the wrong model 2 years ago
  Alireza Savand 275915d93d Merge pull request #28 from Alir3z4/python-3-6 2 years ago
  Alireza Savand fd41f6bf6f Merge branch 'master' into python-3-6 2 years ago
  Alireza Savand 0bca488622 Merge pull request #30 from mgaitan/fix_tests 2 years ago
  Martin Gaitan 05033bdcf6 recover missing tests module 2 years ago
  Martin Gaitan 53fd52b3b5 rename test modules to match default discover pattern 2 years ago
  Alireza Savand edaca7a85e Add Python 3 classifiers 2 years ago
  Alireza Savand 71cd1c168d Add Python 3.6 to travis 2 years ago
  Alireza Savand da5079be12 Merge pull request #27 from mgaitan/py3dj10 2 years ago
  Martin Gaitan bd5dfc7632 add myself to authors 2 years ago
  Martin Gaitan cf6f1420a2 fix py2 compat 2 years ago
  Martin Gaitan 390118d11f set travis for python 3 2 years ago
  Martin Gaitan ea4fe9eb4f fix tests 2 years ago
  Martin Gaitan 14d8b20f2e dirty way to make it work with py 3.5 and django 1.10 2 years ago
  Alireza Savand 47a5144bb1 Set version to latest 2 years ago
  Alireza Savand 5046905bb9 Bump version number to latest 2 years ago
  Alireza Savand 1c776629a1 Update changelog with the latest changes 2 years ago
  Alireza Savand 6f4f11b29f Merge pull request #25 from nikolas/django-1.10 2 years ago
  Alireza Savand 10b269ca66 Merge pull request #26 from ccnmtl/add-request-context 2 years ago
  Susan Dreher 9f33d1471a add RequestContext to all render_to_response calls 2 years ago
  Susan Dreher b706c31fe2 Add RequestContext for object detail 2 years ago
  Nik Nyby 464bb099d3 Add django 1.10 compatibility 2 years ago
  Justinas Jaronis 008428b2a8 Compatibility with django 1.9: manual queryset class cloning instead of depreciated klass parameter 3 years ago
  Alireza Savand f783a8b95d Merge pull request #24 from nikolas/patch-1 2 years ago
  Nik Nyby bb3120f7f6 remove 1.10 2 years ago
  Nik Nyby 69f0712aec Update .travis.yml 2 years ago
  Nik Nyby a5cbfa6117 travis: Test on django 1.8 through 1.10 2 years ago
  Alireza Savand 2f442f0839 Merge pull request #21 from scs3jb/master 3 years ago
  jbriggs c2d31cef54 Compatibility for django 1.8 and 1.9. 3 years ago
  jbriggs 5135b4bbf9 Fixing run_tests and sites to avoid the deprecation issues in 1.9. 3 years ago
  Alireza Savand 9c973ede8b Merge pull request #20 from scs3jb/master 3 years ago
  jbriggs 512ddad0d9 Adding in the release notes and versioning. 3 years ago
  jbriggs 86b7170ccd Fixing typo :) 3 years ago
  jbriggs 9afdf2ff7b Adding in error handling so if someone tries to fiddle with the view this is correctly captured as a 404. 3 years ago
  Alireza Savand 45ec4402a7 Bump version number and getting ready to release 5 years ago
  Alireza Savand d1f7d8c1f5 Update changelog 5 years ago
  Alireza Savand f004d4ff72 Add Yohann Gabory @boblefrag to AUTHORS list 5 years ago
  Alireza Savand a06e59ad03 Add Translations section to README 5 years ago
  Alireza Savand 0aa09c56cb Add tests section to README 5 years ago
  Alireza Savand 6cc2c3591d Fix tavis-ci env vars 5 years ago
  Alireza Savand be49484e07 Test for multiple django version 5 years ago