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  Alireza Savand 015116f14b Fix runaml.yaml version 4 months ago
  Étienne Noss ab6444a32e inspectors: add support for JSONField (#417) 4 months ago
  Cristi Vijdea 2e0f9a19a9 Update swagger-ui to 3.23.1 4 months ago
  Cristi Vijdea cda808fe11 Fix isort errors 4 months ago
  Cristi Vijdea e6219ab8b7 Add packaging to requirements 4 months ago
  Cristi Vijdea bc931677dc Add 1.16.1 changelog 4 months ago
  tfranzel 1904b0499e Fix imports for DRF 3.10 (#408) 4 months ago
  johnthagen 1e380fe68b Fix variable formatting (#406) 4 months ago
  Étienne Noss 6417bb3770 Handle enum type for nested ChoiceFields (#400) 4 months ago
  Cristi Vîjdea e9f27442fc Remove unused import 5 months ago
  Cristi Vîjdea cf8b912c10 Align tox matrix to python version 5 months ago
  Cristi Vîjdea 3a37c4a019 Drop Django 2.0 and DRF 3.7 support 5 months ago
  Cristi Vîjdea 8acab171ea Fix isort 5 months ago
  Cristi Vîjdea acc204e4ea Add test for #382 5 months ago
  Cristi Vîjdea 1635e5e095 Add 1.16.0 changelog 5 months ago
  Cristi Vîjdea 753be1a8bd Fix potential issubclass crash 5 months ago
  Pavel White 2656696a0f generators: support custom ReferenceResolver class (#350) 5 months ago
  Hugo Duroux a083d3cf7c Add operation_keys to SwaggerAutoSchema constructor (#355) 5 months ago
  Cristi Vîjdea eed8a8d3ec Add 1.15.1 changelog 5 months ago
  Cristi Vîjdea d04f27f40f Add test for serializer field label 5 months ago
  Cristi Vîjdea db154d196a Drop Python 3.4 support 5 months ago
  Cristi Vîjdea 60e1346150 Refactor setup.py python_requires 5 months ago
  Cristi Vîjdea 69b628a7af Fix python 3.7 typing 5 months ago
  Cristi Vîjdea 64d9d42aa9 Remove pygments test dependency 5 months ago
  Cristi Vîjdea e9d5344de3 Update swagger-ui to 3.22.3 and ReDoc to 2.0.0-rc.8-1 5 months ago
  elliott-omosheye b5aba7243d Fix unicode attribute error if typing installed on py2.7 (#363) 5 months ago
  Terence Honles 91ef83e830 update reference.yaml based on pygments lexers & styles changes (#364) 5 months ago
  raksa 0991c806c7 Fixed typo (#361) 6 months ago
  johnthagen 59e86ff72f Support Django 2.2 (#346) 8 months ago
  Cristi Vijdea 548489a539 Add missing migration for test 8 months ago
  Cristi Vijdea 887b53300a Add 1.15.0 changelog 8 months ago
  Joe Korbel f692fe7c98 Update openapi.rst (#327) 9 months ago
  Cristi Vijdea 017ae3d240 Update swagger-ui to 3.22.0 and ReDoc to 2.0.0-rc.4 8 months ago
  Cristi Vijdea b57413023b Fix isort 8 months ago
  Cristi Vijdea 4014c69689 Add test for #340 8 months ago
  Cristi Vijdea 7bb4700003 Apply to_representation on choices 8 months ago
  Dimas Ari 86c1675c58 make sure all ListModelMixin views considered as list view (#306) 8 months ago
  AndreaFox93 81f0b1a2ea Use getattr for 'help_text' (#342) 8 months ago
  Cristi Vijdea 298a9745df Add `is_list_view` and `has_list_response` methods 8 months ago
  Cristi Vijdea 652a33a54d Fix lint errors 9 months ago
  Cristi Vijdea 340a60324c Add special exclusion for FileUploadParser 9 months ago
  Cristi Vijdea f348084d85 Fix Python 2.7 compat 9 months ago
  Cristi Vijdea 904c43a167 Add 1.14.0 changelog 9 months ago
  Cristi Vijdea 4c78a683f4 Remove Background section from readme 9 months ago
  Cristi Vijdea 4da09830ac Add BMaC button (#323) 9 months ago
  Cristi Vijdea 34ed1e20a2 Update swagger-ui to 3.21.0 9 months ago
  Cristi Vijdea 62d97a80bc Fix _serializer pickle bugs 9 months ago
  Cristi Vijdea e108ddbb48 Add force_init argument to ReferenceResolver constructor 9 months ago
  Cristi Vijdea 75a5d866be Run makemigrations 9 months ago
  Cristi Vijdea f189426901 Update swagger-ui to 3.20.9 9 months ago