Negar Command Line Interface
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Negar CLI
Negar Command Line Interface

How to use

Usage of `negar-cli`:


Arguments are:

-h, --help Display this help and exit
-V, --Version Print version number and exit
-f, --file[=INPUT_FILE_NAME] Specify [INPUT_FILE]. The file who you want to edit
-o, --output[=OUTPUT_FILE_NAME] Specify [OUT_PUT_FILE]. The file who you want the programs
output writes into it. If you don't specify this option
Negar will generate an auto file to save the result.
--gui Run negar's graphical user interface (GUI)
--fix-dashes Disable fix dashes feature
--fix-three-dots Disable fix three dots feature
--fix-english-quotes Disable fix english quotes feature
--fix-hamzeh Disable fix 'Hamzeh' feature
--hamzeh-with-yeh Use 'Hamzeh' instead of 'yeh' for fix 'Hamzeh' feature
--fix-spacing-bq Disable fix spacing braces and 'qoutes' feature
--fix-arabic-num Disable fix arabic num feature
--fix-english-num Disable fix english num feature
--fix-non-persian-chars Disable fix misc non persian chars feature
--fix-p-spacing Disable fix prefix spacing feature
--fix-p-separate Disable fix prefix separating feature
--fix-s-spacing Disable fix suffix spacing feature
--fix-s-separate Disable fix suffix separating feature
--aggresive Disable aggresive feature
--cleanup-kashidas Disable cleanup 'kashidas' feature
--cleanup-ex-marks Disable cleanup extra marks feature
--cleanup-spacing Disable cleanup spacing feature