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  Alireza Savand 7b30f5b953
Remove extra badges and update the Readme a little bit 1 year ago
  Alireza Savand 360a8c3953 Add Python34 and Python35 to classifiers 1 year ago
  Alireza Savand 9fd5a42cf8
Merge pull request #25 from Alir3z4/release-2018.7.23 1 year ago
  Alireza Savand abf0832b7b
Add License classifier. 1 year ago
  Alireza Savand 8de54ea6ed
Add correct classifiers 1 year ago
  Alireza Savand e9445c0b38
Update version number 1 year ago
  Alireza Savand 1e69bb1010
Update changelog with the latest changes since last release 1 year ago
  Alireza Savand 63cff6f083
Merge pull request #23 from Laubeee/master 1 year ago
  Alireza Savand 145662d0e2
Merge pull request #24 from Alir3z4/upgrade-zc.buildout 1 year ago
  Alireza Savand 407a44181d
Merge pull request #22 from hfjn/master 1 year ago
  Alireza Savand 8b172f1c29
Drop old version of Python 1 year ago
  Alireza Savand 052d3b63b8
Update buildout.cfg 1 year ago
  Silvan Laube 17ba2a4537 update stop-words submodule 1 year ago
  Jannik Hoffjann 5bfb779b04 Enforces packaging of wheels into folders. 1 year ago
  Alireza Savand 2c49f72369 Merge pull request #15 from marcindulak/master 3 years ago
  Alireza Savand 1a726c813c Fixes #16: Fix Bootstrap to pass the CI (#17) 3 years ago
  Marcin Dulak 5534ecc2fb fix https://github.com/Alir3z4/python-stop-words/issues/14 3 years ago
  Alireza Savand 6082900d9e Merge pull request #13 from Alir3z4/readme-updates 3 years ago
  Alireza Savand e19dd74cde Add Python 3.5 to travis 3 years ago
  Alireza Savand 94ea2f3f4e Badge and versions 3 years ago
  Alireza Savand 50029e4fc5 Add list of the languages 3 years ago
  Alireza Savand cb8947be04 Merge pull request #12 from norkans7/master 3 years ago
  Norbert Kwizera 29a3b83771 use https url in submodule 3 years ago
  Norbert Kwizera c568ee1aa8 Update submodule to the latest 3 years ago
  Alireza Savand 7e5ac751d6 Update the change log that fixes #9, bump version number for bug fix release 4 years ago
  Alireza Savand 5c6f2328ca fix missing labguages.json file 4 years ago
  Alireza Savand e4ccda7d80 Fix buildout failing 4 years ago
  Alireza Savand 2a41dbb009 Merge pull request #8 from kissarat/master 4 years ago
  Taras Labiak 9aa960573b + .gitmodules 4 years ago
  Taras Labiak 1bb854bbc3 fix after running flake8 4 years ago
  Taras Labiak 1a61aefd8e remove stop_words/stop-words from .gitiginore 4 years ago
  Taras Labiak 4556add4d9 __VERSION__ changed 4 years ago
  Taras Labiak d4932610b8 + filtering 4 years ago
  Taras Labiak a386d1570d fix merge conflicts 4 years ago
  Taras Labiak 446e30ec4e + optional cache 4 years ago
  Alireza Savand dc683c4079 Merge pull request #7 from Alir3z4/kissarat-master 4 years ago
  Alireza Savand 8b5c93c305 Add Taras Lebiak to Authors, thanks @kissarat 4 years ago
  Alireza Savand 85f2f578b3 Bump version number 4 years ago
  Alireza Savand 33b1f1d908 Python3 formatting on tests 4 years ago
  Alireza Savand 4073f4e640 make the world happy for pep8 4 years ago
  Alireza Savand 26ac7e2297 pep8 on fire 4 years ago
  Alireza Savand e440d73ce2 python3 string formatting on init file 4 years ago
  Taras Labiak 7181ab1db3 ``LANGUAGE_MAPPING`` is loads from stop-words/languages.json 4 years ago
  Alireza Savand ab10703bf9 Add coveralls support 5 years ago
  Alireza Savand 8c589b441d Bump the version number for the new changes 5 years ago
  Alireza Savand d80d91d7bc Update changelog with latest changes 5 years ago
  Alireza Savand b120c1cd1d Add David Miro to Authors, thanks @dmiro 5 years ago
  Alireza Savand 207bcfc529 Update stop-words with the latest 5 years ago
  Alireza Savand 83236295e7 Merge pull request #5 from dmiro/master 5 years ago
  dmiro e5add47f7d Modified readme 5 years ago