yoDownet, The previous generation graphical download manager, built on Qt.
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yoDownet is an open-source && free graphical download manager project that tries to be simple and minimal, also for sake of humor it’s described as “The Previous Generation Graphical Download Manager”.

Basic features

  • Increases download speeds (It just does!).
  • Concurrent file downoading.
  • Safe Pause/Resume On Files
  • Multilingual


yoDownet has been translated into below languages:

  • English
  • Estonian
  • Persian
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese
  • Dutch
  • Czech

Translations status

yoDownet translation status on transifex

We’re handling translations via transifex which rocks <3


Gnu/Linux installer packages

Here you can get a list of packages available for specific Linux distro.

Arch Linux


  • yodownet Arch: i686 - Slown <slown at frugalware.org>
  • yodownet Arch: x86-64 - Slown <slown at frugalware.org>



  • ftp://ftp.netlabs.org/pub/qtapps/yoDownet-2014.03.9-os2.7z: Elbert Pol



yoDownet is built on top of the Qt/C++ toolkit, compile and build the project is simple like any other project out there, no godzilla will jump out on you ;)

Build yoDownet on Gnu/Linux

To compile|build yoDownet on gnu/linux the main dependency is Qt, Just Qt and nothing else! To build yoDownet, execute at the extracted source directory

$ qmake -config release
$ make
$ make install

That’s it, now if you are a KDE|* DE user you can find yoDownet in Network|Internet category or just type it out at Konsole|Command-Line ;)

$ yoDownet
Clean build
$ make clean
Debug mode

Add -config debug to the qmake invocation

$ qmake -config debug
Run Tests
$ qmake "CONFIG += qtestlib console"


yoDownet is released under GPLv3. Free and OpenSource ;)